You got a friend

“Sometimes it takes someone to extend a hand for you to realise there’s something wrong” (J)

And this sums up what we’re here for. Hope Springs is run by volunteers to provide on going and non judgmental support to those in recovery and those working towards recovery from drug and or alcohol addiction. We know it will be tough, but we are here.

“My week has been a really tough one. I’ve struggled with many things. It’s nice to come to Hope Springs and see happy , positive people who were happy to see me. I’m trying my hardest to be the person I want to be and find it comforting to know there are people at Hope Springs that also want this for me and who will do their best to point and push me in the right direction. I’m glad I’m here today and will carry on the road to my recovery. (E)

We know that you are the one who has to travel on the road to recovery, facing the pitfalls and dangers that this entails, but we are here.

“Thank you for the words of wisdom, inspiration and invaluable tools………. Last night I avoided a battle and slept like a baby!!! happy (D)

All our clients and volunteers are invited to write in our blog. It’s them that keeps the Centre alive.




Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow

The last couple of weeks has been great. We have achieved charitable status, being the first in the area to be granted Charitable Incorporated Organisation status, which is a testament to the hard work of our volunteers. We’ve started several new groups and welcomed even more people through our doors. We’ve had good news from several of our clients who are in rehab and we’ve all been putting forward ideas as to how the Centre should go forward………..all good stuff.

One of our peer volunteers put all of this into a poem.

Going through my detox was really tough
But putting drink and drugs down just wasn’t enough
I’ve had to change the life that I live
Change my behaviour , outlook and learn to forgive
My new friends will help me if things start to go wrong
These people around me help me stay strong
This great new thing that we all call RECOVERY
Is a long steep path of self discovery
I will never forget the life I came from
But this place call HOPE SPRINGS is where I belong !! “J”

Way to go, J!

Good Morning World, it’s a brand new day

 When looking at our board where people put notes about what is positive about their day made me think of the title for this blog. There are sooo many things to be positive about……”walking into Hope Springs”, “I have a voice which can be heard”, “accepting I’m not perfect. I make mistakes and it’s ok”, “I am who I am ………..who I am is ok” and “hearing others say positive things about each other”.  

“To feel frightened is completely normal and in no way makes me a coward. I do not need substances to mask my feelings anymore. I will not allow my gear to stop my growth and recovery! Just for today…..I will be courageous. When I’m afraid, I’ll do what I need to do to grow in my recovery”………E

“Making a decision and rolling with it is a way of putting boundaries in place. Some of the decisions we make are hard, but to get clean and maintain we have to be selfish. Our own recovery takes precedence over anyone else and it’s about me and only me….fixing myself. Everything else should just fall into place and if it doesn’t, it’s not that big a deal, it only becomes a big deal if we make it so” J

And indeed, every day is a brand new day at Hope Springs, full of hope and expectation.